About Us

AST Founded in 2003, one of the most training centers effectiveness in providing programs featuring in bringing the latest findings of the science of management and to provide a model of global best practices in all programs for all levels and career progression.
We attracting a group of experts and trainers from residing in the United Arab Emirates and the region in general and the Western world also, according to the requirements and topics of the training programs.
Advanced Step Technical Training manages to deliver courses to most part of GCC as well as Malaysia, EUROPE, Turkey, and Vienna. conducting different training in the field of Management, Soft Skills, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Training and Development, Secretarial and Office Management, Customer Service and Communication, Interpersonal and Self Development, Public Relation and Media, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Logistics, Warehouse Management, Project Management and Construction Management, Civil and Construction, Telecommunication, Health Safety and Environment, Water and Waste Management, Laboratory Management, Instrumentation, Process Engineering, Marine and Offshore Engineering, Process and Chemical Engineering, Mechanical and Utility Engineering, Civil Service, Police and Military Courses and many more.
Advanced Step Technical Training tries to maintain the standards of teaching by the help of different accrediting body; ISO 9001: 2008.
Advanced Step Technical Training program are designed to offer our clients the latest information and techniques in their relevant sectors, making them aware of all the advancements in their respective industries.