Good & Best Procurement Practices: Improving Workflow & Preparing Organization for E-Procurement

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292306 Jan 2020 2020-01-12 2020-01-16 Dubai
Good & Best Procurement Practices: Improving Workflow & Preparing Organization for E-Procurement

Good & Best Procurement Practices: Improving Workflow & Preparing Organization for E-Procurement

Course Details
Course Title: Good & Best Procurement Practices: Improving Workflow & Preparing Organization for E-Procurement
Language: English
Type: Public
Location: Millenium Plaza Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Date: 12 - 16 Jan 2020
Duration: 5 Days
Fees: $4,000
Discount: 10%discount if your nomination for 3 Participants
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About the course:

Want to be a "best in class" organization? Then follow the lead of highly successful companies and adopt your own operation. Doing what you've always done is no longer acceptable in business. There are always a set of best practices that can be employed to maintain business excellence and improve productivity. The same is applicable for a companies’ procurement process as well. Companies need to follow procurement best practices to increase their revenues by being cost-effective.

Many government and commercial organizations have started recognizing procurement as a fundamental enabler of business strategy. It is a viable source of opportunity for process simplification and also provides detailed insights into operations through data and information. Therefore, organizations should focus on enforcing procurement best practices benchmarks that can enable them to realize the full potential that procurement can deliver.

Course Objective:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the concept of purchasing and procurement
  • Appreciate the role of procurement plays in an organization
  • Understand why E- procurement is importance
  • Apply procurement theories in workplace
  • Create adding value to the organization

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for:

  • Those who want to understand more about procuring services
  • Those directly & indirectly involved in managing procurement of services
  • All Procurement, Purchasing, Buyers and Supply Management Executives/Managers/Sr. Managers/Directors/Vice Presidents/GM’s & Professionals

Course Methodology:

This program will be conducted as an extensively interactive methods, encouraging participants to share their own experiences and apply the program material to real-life work situations in order to stimulate group discussions and improve the efficiency of the subject coverage. Percentages of the total course hour classification are:

  • 30% Theoretical lectures, Concepts and Role Play
  • 30% Work Presentation and Techniques
  • 20% Case Studies and Practical Exercises
  • 20% Topic General Discussions with Relevant Videos

Course Certificate:

At the completion of the Course, all Participants who successfully accomplished the required contact hours will receive Advanced Step Technical Training Certificate as a testimony to their commitment to professional development and further education.

Course Requirement:

Hand’s on practical sessions, equipment and software will be applied during the course if required and as per the client’s request.

Course Contents

Day 1:
Introduction and Pre-test
  • Introduction to Procurement
  • ☒ What is procurement in business?
    ☒ What is procurement management?
  • Procurement vs. Purchasing – What’s the Difference?
  • ☒ Procurement: Strategic process
    ☒ Purchasing: Transactional activities
  • What is the Procurement Cycle?
  • ☒ Researching existing and new markets and products
    ☒ Identifying relevant suppliers
    ☒ Negotiating supplier contracts and terms
    ☒ Evaluating supplier performance
    ☒ Resolving supplier issues and performance
    ☒ Maintaining supplier relationships
    ☒ Procurement Reports e.g. KPIs and supplier performance to senior management
    Day 2:
  • Tender Evaluation Process
  • ☒ Price comparison
    ☒ Fulfillment capabilities
    ☒ Quality of product/service
    ☒ Reference checking
    ☒ Credit and financial checks
    ☒ Supplier audit
    ☒ Product / service sample or trial
    ☒ Cost evaluation
    Day 3:
  • Procurement Best Practices Adopted by Companies
  • Centralized Supply Management
    ☒ What is supplier management process? 
    ☒ Supplier management strategy and solutions for business
    ☒ Suppliers are not just vendors
    ☒ Timely payments are crucial
    ☒ Technology in supplier relationship management
    ☒ Have detailed agreements
    ☒ Evaluate risks
    ☒ Accommodate cross-border differences
    ☒ Improve total cost of ownership
    ☒ Strengthen supplier relationship
    ☒ Optimize inventory
    Day 4:
  • Best Practices in E-Procurement Reducing Costs and Increasing Value through Online Buying
  • ☒ What is E-Procurement?
    ☒ Importance of E-Procurement solutions
    ☒ Benefits of E-Procurement solutions
    E-Procurement Best Practices
    ☒ Secure Support Throughout The Business
    ☒ Have Concise But Detailed RFI, RFP and RFQ
    ☒ Don’t Go For The Lowest Bid
    ☒ Engage With Vendors In Reverse Auctions
    ☒ Employ A Procurement Checklist
    ☒ Look At The Entire Purchase-To-Pay Process
    ☒ Benchmark Your Current Procurement
    Day 5:
  • Results You Can Expect From Effective e-Sourcing Technology
  • ☒ Cost Savings
    ☒ Optimal Supplier Selection
    ☒ More Efficient
    ☒ Improved Collaboration with Internal and External Stakeholders
    ☒ Better Decisions Based on Analytics and Business Intelligence
    ☒ Improved Negotiation
  • Post-test & Course Certificates